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Laila Lalami
A link to the website of Laila Lalami, author of Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits. There is also a link here to her lit blog.
Richard McCann
Link to Richard McCann's web page. Author of Mother of Sorrows.
Dennis Danvers
Here is a link to Dennis Danvers' website. He will be visiting our class as part of Writer's Fest. Find out about him and his writing; choose one of his books to read!
Connie Biewald
Here is a link to Connie Biewald's web page. Connie is a friend of mine, a writer and a school librarian. She will be visiting Writer's Fest again to give fiction workshops. She will also visit our class. Feel free to borrow any of her books-- I have all three of them for your use.
David Robbins
Click here for David Robbins' web page. Follow his adventures as he rides along on a cargo ship to research his new novel...

Here is a link from writer Carolyn Parkhurst (author of DOGS OF BABEL) about when a novel is "finished" ---
Carolyn Parkhurst

Michele Young-Stone

Author of The Handbook for Lightning Strike Survivors

The website and blog for author Tayari Jones--2012 ARGS graduation speaker and author of Leaving Atlanta, The Untelling, and Silver Sparrow. 

David Gordon
Here is a link to David Gordon's -- author of The Serialist -- blog. ]

Here is a link to Justin Torres' website -- winner of 2012 VCU Cabell First Novelist Award for his novel We the Animals.
A collection of reader reviews of The Serialist
The website for James River Writers--a Richmond-based organization for writers and readers
A link to the webpage for Richmond Young Writers--an organization that offers writing classes to young people

Hallie Ephron -- a link to Hallie Ephron's website (Writing and Selling Your Mystery Novel)

From draft to debut novel  Check out this excerpt from the James River Writers' Writing Show 

Interview with VCU First Novelist Winner-Interview with VCU First Novelist Award winner David Gordon-David Gordon